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Tantalum rings - made for eternity

It is within reach. Your big day and with it the official start of your life together. The day when you start to hold each other’s hand even more intimately and be there for each other come what may. The day you promise yourself eternity with our tantalum rings.

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Tantalum wedding rings – quality and individual design

With jewelry made of tantalum, you can not only rely on high quality, you can become designers yourself and create the finish that suits you.

Whether you prefer your tantalum rings to have a mix of smooth and rough surfaces, inserts of diamonds, diamonds and gold, or to have your loved one’s fingerprint incorporated, it’s all possible with tantalum.

The tantalum rings of Tantalum Trauringe are something for you if you want to wear individual rings.

Each of our tantalum rings is Made in Germany and is handmade by us as the manufacturer. At Tantalum Wedding Rings, we love this pure metallic element that has something wild about it. As a manufacturer of tantalum rings, we are happy to make your rings with custom engraving and your desired finish.

Whether a wedding ring made of tantalum, engagement rings made of tantalum, with or without diamonds and inserts made of yellow or rose gold – we at Tantalum Trauringe care about making the perfect ring and article for you.


Where can you find our tantalum rings?

We at Tantalum Trauringe are manufacturers of tantalum rings and work together with different partners all over Germany. Check out our Storelocator now to find the nearest tantalum jeweler where you can find our tantalum rings and get advice.

Our jewelry designers and all of us from the Tantalum team are happy to design your individual tantalum wedding rings. Your wedding rings that symbolize your love and become your companions.

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Unique partner rings

As unique as you and your relationship is, so should your wedding ring be. After all, what could be more contradictory than an ordinary wedding ring as a sign of your love?

Your wedding ring is the symbol of your individual story – and for that you need wedding rings that are unique. Which are handmade by a manufacturer and are one of a kind. Which are robust and strong because they are made of one of the most durable metallic elements found in our solar system.

A wedding ring that fits you, withstands your everyday life and becomes your companion. Which has an individual style and a unique feel.

A ring made of tantalum

At Tantalum Trauringe – Wedding Rings brand, we believe that wedding rings should be one of a kind. Unique and durable, so they can accompany you for a lifetime and remind you every day. Reminding you how unique you two are and how strong and enduring your relationship is, no matter what challenges life presents you.

We have found it: the material, the jewelry metal that has all these properties: tantalum. Tantalum is a metal that is one of the most durable in our solar system. Tantalum is rarer to find than gold and silver, it is strong and it carries within it a piece of eternity.

Rings made of tantalum are also very suitable for people suffering from allergies! The material tantalum is therefore also used for the manufacture of medical instruments, because it does not react with body tissue or fluids. This makes our tantalum wedding rings the perfect marriage and wedding bands for allergy sufferers.

How can you find the perfect wedding rings?

And now you stand there with this overwhelming feeling that you have found each other. That you have this wonderful person next to you and that from now on you take the adventure of life together. Not only do you want to promise this to yourselves, but you also want to carry your vow with you in the form of a ring. With a ring that makes your love visible.

We know how difficult it is to find the right ring. The ring that symbolizes you as a couple, stands for permanence and expresses your personalities, which is both beautiful and individual. That stands up to your everyday life – today, and even in the distant future. For all eternity.

The peculiarity of buying wedding rings

If you start searching for wedding rings, numerous jewelry manufacturers, a seemingly endless page and selection of rings jump out at you – you’ve probably noticed that yourself. Now it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Picking out wedding rings is special and different from any other purchase of jewelry. For this is not jewelry that you put on once in a while, but the very symbol of your love. To a piece of jewelry that will become a companion on your finger and whose material and manufacturing will accompany you every day.

Which wedding ring and which material is suitable for you?

What kind of wedding rings would you like to carry with you as a companion? What do you want your ring to look like – white gold, silver, gray or yellow gold? Which brilliants, diamonds or precious metals should be used and what kind of design do you like?

Which ring suits you best and can stand for your individual story and unique relationship?

What is tantalum?

Tantalum is one of the oldest and rarest metals that exist in our solar system. Tantalum is the metal that has an extremely high melting point and is so heat resistant that it takes 3000 degrees Celsius and high goldsmithing skills to shape and fabricate it.

Tantalum is the metal that can actually become an eternal companion and we at Tantalum Trauringe – Wedding Rings, as a jewelry manufacturer, handcraft and customize it one by one for our customers.

Tantalum wedding rings are graphite gray and allow brilliants, diamonds and inserts of white gold or yellow gold to shine. Tantalum has a high wearing comfort and elegance that emanates strength.

Tantalum is a pure metal, which means that it requires no coating and retains its typical dark gray color, without discoloration. A tantalum ring has a high skin compatibility and gives you creative freedom for individual design.

Comparison: Platinum vs. Tantalum Jewelry

Platinum, unlike tantalum, is probably known to you as a ring material. The precious metal is widely used for the production of jewelry nowadays.

Platinum is robust and its rarity is characteristic of uniqueness and individuality. It is a precious metal that is kind to the skin and stands out for its white silver color.

Tantalum puts the crown on this and is, so to speak, the enhancement. As a newcomer to the jewelry world, tantalum wedding rings stand out especially for their heat and scratch resistance.

Due to its dark color, tantalum is expressive and can be wonderfully combined with other precious metals, diamonds or inserts in yellow gold, silver or rosé.

Tantalum is a very sturdy material, which makes it particularly suitable for everyday use and durable.

The tantalum ring that becomes your companion

The crucial thing with wedding rings is that they fit you individually and become your companions. That they remind you of your love and the promise you give to each other. That they carry you, through good times and also through times which are less fortunate. And that they show you every day that you two and your connection to each other is unique and special.

We at Tantalum Trauringe – are a manufacturers of unique rings. We design individual products and offers for our couples and customers and help you to decide for your individual tantalum ring.


A promise and rings for eternity

And when it is there, your big day – then you know that not only your promise counts for eternity, but also the rings made of tantalum are made for eternity and will accompany you, through good and through bad times alike.


Find your tantalum rings now that are made to last – go to the Tantalum Wedding Rings Storelocator here.


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